Recording Macros in Word Expert 2010.

The macro recorder acts like a tape recorder, recording each step you perform. A macro records all the steps used to accomplish a task and then plays the steps back when you run the macro. When you are recording a macro, you can use the mouse to click commands and options. via aleksej75

Integrating Technology: Obstacles and Solutions

For my particular content area, Career Readiness, it is almost impossible for students to be successful without the use of technology. The expectation is that employees will have a professional, typed, and printed resume, cover letter, or application when pursuing a job/career. via carlymanhart

The “Evolution” of “Words”

A Victory & Reseda review of the 2016 Kia Optima “Evolution” is a word that does not pack the punch that “revolution” does. It is a weaker word, connoting that by shaping what is not broke would make it more enticing and inviting. via Victory & Reseda

Latest News

  • The Bozeman Daily Chronicle The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

    Montana teen among best in nation at Microsoft Word

    The Bozeman Daily Chronicle - 07/20/16

    O'Donnell began his Microsoft training in high school. Belgrade High offers classes on the Office programs that prepare students to become certified Microsoft Office Specialist Masters. This certification is a resume-booster and lets companies

  • Vanity Fair Vanity Fair

    Twitter Is Betting Everything on Jack Dorsey. Will It Work?

    Vanity Fair - 06/01/16

    Then, in early June, Chris Sacca, a voluble investor in Twitter, published an 8,500-word stream-of-consciousness epistle, agitating for a change at the company. Sacca, perhaps livid that he might lose his membership in the so-called Three Comma Club (a 

  • Money Magazine Money Magazine

    21 Incredibly Disturbing Facts About High Prescription Drug Prices

    Money Magazine - 06/22/16

    While there are many factors contributing to higher costs for prescription drugs, according to the report, allow us boil down the main explanation to a single word: GREED. Specifically, it's the profit-seeking strategies of two industries that get much

  • Money Magazine Money Magazine

    Goldman Sachs Reads Employee Emails. Here's What It Looks For

    Money Magazine - 06/16/16

    Swearing—outlawed in company emails in 2010—also drops a flag on the play, as does the zip code of the SEC (for the record, it's 20549). Companies have been doing this for a long time, and it's safe to say that if you work a corporate job with a

  • The Atlantic The Atlantic

    The Case for Neck Tattoos, According to Economists

    The Atlantic - 06/13/16

    It's surely not because they're learning much about McKinsey or Microsoft by doing so. And why do companies recruit out of so many universities that provide their students with esoteric knowledge that won't make them any more productive in the working 

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