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  • North Platte Telegraph

    Program encourages kids to read

    North Platte Telegraph - 07/24/16

    Lincoln County Extension exposed readers to healthy snacks and wise food choices as students made smoothies using a blender with pedal power. Adam Kackmeister shared his love of stock car Jeanine Lusk helped the children build a car using tubes

  • Newport This Week

    Summer's Non-fat Milkshakes

    Newport This Week - 07/21/16

    The natural creamy avocado is an excellent base for a savory non-sweet smoothie. Other ingredients excellent for a healthy, savory smoothie are pureed: kale leaves, baby spinach, lettuce, steamed broccoli, celery, fresh carrots, or fresh basil leaves

  • Huffington Post Huffington Post

    No Time? 10 Weight Loss Tips, Done In 5 minutes Or Less

    Huffington Post - 07/20/16

    Cut a lemon or lime and put in the freezer so you can easily add a wedge to your water bottle. It will get you drinking more water! 4. Go through your fridge or pantry and Make a smoothie. Maybe you have to leave the blender in the sink to clean

  • The Independent The Independent

    Green Kitchen Smoothies: Healthy and colourful smoothies for everyday

    The Independent - 07/15/16

    The duo also suggest equipment, tips and tricks and a page on how to make the perfect smoothie in seven easy steps – which all sets you up to be the smoothie pros David and Luise are. Here are Add them to a blender along with the rest of the

  • Huffington Post Huffington Post

    Super Simple Ways To Be Healthier (When You're Lazy AF)

    Huffington Post - 07/12/16

    In fact, I believe in the opposite: that being kind and loving to yourself, and making good choices, is the key to a happier and healthier life. So this is about A simple water bottle - and don't bother with the fancy techno-water bottles with

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