Science Says Drinking Milkshakes Might Help You Keep Your Diet Goals on Track - Mic

"Phantom fullness" sounds like a Ghostbusters-themed weight loss plan, but it could actually be a secret weapon in keeping hungry dieters satisfied. Best of all, phantom fullness can be found in milkshakes. via

10 Things Dietitians Always Eat (And Avoid) - Huffington Post Australia

Finding inspiration to eat healthy can be tough, especially when thoughts of endless bowls of kale salad, tuna and brown rice cloud your vision (and motivation). Thankfully all the foods these three accredited practising dietitians eat isn't all kale and bee pollen. via

Tips for a healthy summer -

With the summer season upon us, enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends. Also, try to stay active before you sit in the sun to enjoy your meals, and remember to stay hydrated. STAYING HEALTHY: More tips from our local. via

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    Ditch the yogurt spoon, and drink

    The Keene Sentinel - 07/24/16

    As do so many others: Our collective exposure to the way the rest of world eats yogurt also includes the way the world drinks yogurt. We're moving beyond ultra-thick, milkshake-y, berry-based smoothies to more globally inspired flavors and textures

  • Ledger Independent Ledger Independent

    A+ lunchbox solutions for balanced back-to-school meals

    Ledger Independent - 07/23/16

    Smoothies are a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your child's diet, plus it's a special treat that will have them grinning ear to ear when they open their lunch box. The trick is to Grab any fruit with a thick impermeable

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    Eric Akis: Island water-buffalo yogurt rises to the top of the class

    Times Colonist - 07/20/16

    Making yogurt on a small scale in a home yogurt maker was easy, McClintock said, because water-buffalo milk is naturally high in milk solids, so all you have to do is add culture and it turns out thick and creamy. But when she started making At the

  • Yahoo News Yahoo News

    21 Foods You Can Add Coffee To

    Yahoo News - 07/21/16

    Combine coffee, almond milk, berries, Greek yogurt, nut butter and ice to make a smoothie worth waking up to! This is one breakfast that will help fight mid-morning hunger and keep you satisfied until lunch without worrying about your blood sugar

  • Mic Mic

    Science Says Drinking Milkshakes Might Help You Keep Your Diet Goals on Track

    Mic - 07/08/16

    But that's not the only way to add some heft to a shake (or smoothie). Campos said in an email that other low-calorie fibers like guar gum and carb-based xatham gum can add viscosity to a smoothie, making it thicker without adding calories. But if you

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