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  • Shape Magazine Shape Magazine

    How to Make a Perfect Smoothie Every Single Time

    Shape Magazine - 07/25/16

    Smoothie making is an art. When it's done right, your smoothie will taste amazing and keep you full for hours. But when it's off, you start the day feeling unsatisfied and defeated. (See: What to Do If Your Smoothie Goes South). That's why we put

  • Worcester Telegram

    Aloe juice revitalizes fruit smoothie

    Worcester Telegram - 07/24/16

    ½ cup sweet cherries, pitted (fresh or frozen). ½ cup blueberries (fresh or frozen). Blend all ingredients in a heavy-duty blender on high until pulverized and well blended. Serve immediately. Cook's Note: If using frozen fruit, omit the ice and add 4


    11 Ways to Preserve Food Besides Canning - 07/24/16

    Or perhaps you've been buying bundles of fresh in-season produce and aren't sure what to do with them. Squeeze citrus or juice fruit into an ice cube tray for a refreshing beverage or smoothie addition. - Make You can make fruit leather in the

  • Daily Local News Daily Local News

    West Vincent teen brother and sister operate unique summer business

    Daily Local News - 07/21/16

    Van, left, and Claudia Schneider are shown standing outside of their Hawaiian shave ice stand in West Vincent. The idea for the unique business was born on a family trip to Oahu. The teen brother and sister are the proprietors of the business and

  • Refinery29 Refinery29

    This Is The Ultimate Go-To Smoothie Formula

    Refinery29 - 07/22/16

    They're tasty and can be really good for you, too. But it always seems easier to buy a smoothie rather than make one, right? The most annoying factor is the guess work: How much spinach do I put in here? Can I combine avocado with almond milk? Will

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