Windows 10 Anniversary: Your Survival Guide to the Perpetual Upgrades - Wall Street Journal

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will release its Anniversary Update, with new features and security fixes. There’s always a new, presumably better one around the corner, whether it’s for an Android phone, iPhone or a Windows PC. Heck, in that case, it doesn’t even matter if you’ve still got a beige. via

Apple Watch release date, price, features, availability and delivery date: Special edition Apple Watch bands arrive ... - IT PRO

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Apple Watch at a glance. Apple Watch has gone on sale worldwide online and in Apple Stores There are four models of Apple Watch: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Hermès and the 18k gold Apple Watch Edition. via

Back Up Your Phone While Charging It With This Spendy Cable - WIRED

cameraphone wallpaper green apple easter phone background screen hires smartphone creativecommons resolution theme hd ios retina iphone 640 hoesly 960 zooboing patrickhoesly 960x640
Photo by Patrick Hoesly on Flickr
If you’re going to spend $70 to $90 on a phone-charging cable, it had better do more than just charge your phone. That way, when you get a new phone, you just shuttle your photos, contacts, and text messages from the neon-green cable to your new device. via

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