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  • GQ Magazine GQ Magazine

    What Would Donald Trump's America Look Like?

    GQ Magazine - 07/20/16

    To gaze upon the resplendent mansion at Albemarle Estate at Trump Winery in Charlottesville is to be transported back to bucolic 18th-century England, an era in which attempting to Make America Great was considered high treason against the Crown.

  • Evening Standard Evening Standard

    The best baby gadgets for new parents

    Evening Standard - 07/21/16

    Backed by Mumsnet's investment arm, Suzy Snooze — a kind of visual hybrid between a Japanese vinyl doll and an incidental Super Mario character — is a sleep trainer, night light and smartphone baby monitor all in one adorable package. And You'll

  • Chicago Parent (blog) Chicago Parent (blog)

    Surviving motherhood: How to avoid becoming a Mom-Robot

    Chicago Parent (blog) - 07/19/16

    A mom-bot who occasionally forgets to hop in the shower. Ugh, smelly robot Or when I'm not sure exactly how long I've had birthday cake in my hair, but thinking about the kids licking batter from their spoons is forever ingrained in my memory. But


    Gizmo Guy: No Wire, No Worry - 07/17/16

    The baby Bluetooths pack easily for trips, running for at least eight hours before recharging with the same 5-amp power "wart" you're carrying for the mobile phone. When you're watching a movie on a tablet, Be forewarned, though, the vintage

  • City Pages City Pages

    The ultimate Minnesota road trip: Can't-miss sights, sounds, and tastes

    City Pages - 07/13/16

    On your way to Jay Cooke State Park's many ridge trails, march across the famed Swinging Bridge, which lives up to its name and bounces walkers 200 feet across the St. Louis River. Although the bridge was . Make a trip to the wood-lined Lake

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