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I just took an inventory of freezer, fridge, and both my top and bottom pantry cupboards, and I with just a few odds and ends, mostly fruit, fresh vegetables, and dairy, we have ample stocks to not just cobble out a few meals, but to feast. That is the positive side of getting a well. via Sam, Coffee, Money, and Thyme

Don’t ban the bread: nutrition through variety (of flours)

One of the biggest changes a lot of us have made for our health is to eliminate gluten, perhaps all grains, from our culinary vocabulary. And specifically, eliminating grains from our kitchen can. via Fitbynature

9 Foods Nutrition Experts Are Embarrassed to Have in Their Pantry

Sugar-Sweetened Cereal. “[When I was] growing up my parents didn’t buy the high-sugar cereal, and I always wanted it. My best friend always had. via Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living Blog

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  • Zagat Zagat

    First Look: Snooze, a Brunch-Focused Diner in Montrose

    Zagat - 07/25/16

    The food: Diners are presented with a diverse menu of morning-to-midday fare ranging from pancakes to breakfast pot pie (pictured above) and seven variations of eggs Benedict (Bella! Bella! Benny pictured Housemade white chocolate banana bread

  • La Crosse Tribune La Crosse Tribune

    The 1960s: Excellent food for a troubled time

    La Crosse Tribune - 07/24/16

    OK, you asked for it: You add pineapple chunks to curried chicken salad, mix in a combination of bananas and peanuts, top with coconut and mandarin oranges, and serve in boats made out of hollowed-out half-pineapples). For my look at And because I


    Bubba, DM's biggest restaurant opening in 2016, debuts Thursday - 07/22/16

    Julie Stegeman, an interior designer with Invision Architecture in Des Moines, helped Diebel take his ideas and make them into restaurant brimming with handsome fixtures and Southern roots. “They wanted to make sure the space didn't feel like the last 

  • The Batavian

    Today's Deals: New Price! Rochester Club West @ Bohn's, plus Kati's Place, Smokin' Eagle, Byron Hotel, Fortune's ...

    The Batavian - 07/22/16

    For breakfast, Belgian waffles are served until noon, with strawberry topping or chocolate chips, if you like, or anytime is good for blueberry pancakes, French toast, sausage gravy and biscuits, omelettes, and more. . Premium Angus beef brisket and

  • Thrillist Thrillist

    Cheap Foods Nutritionists Swear By

    Thrillist - 07/20/16

    Obviously the fresh version is ideal, but if you're new to the healthy-eating game, buying fresh produce that may go bad in the fridge is as good as throwing money away. Frozen veggies are the not even taste them. You can also use them as a sugar

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