An Old Cake Recipe to Love

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I have a recipe from a long time ago, more than 25 years ago in fact. Back then I copied down a recipe if it sounded good, with no concern for where it came from. This cake called my attention because it used pureed prunes in the recipe. It is a spice cake, which is also something I love, so this was a pure match made in heaven. via A Harmony of Flavors

Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake.

Wow, Rach, two posts in a week. Haha Food is clearly my muse and I love writing and sharing about it. My last post about the amazingly tasty refried pinto beans was a huge hit for you guys. Lots of "OMG I'm making this immediately. I kept checking the post itself to make sure I had no typos and my instructions were clear enough. via maplebaconrae

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