Brazil part 1

We only ended up spending one night here as the weather was miserable and our hostel room was freezing. The next day we headed to Paraty. Although this bus journey only took 5 hours, we agreed it was probably the worst one yet, even worse than the 23 hour bus. via 1 More Step Along the World We Go…

MGM Macau: Relax and Revitalise this Summer at this Luxurious Integrated Resort

Unwind and Dine in Macau . Located only an hour’s ferry ride from the bustling city, Macau has always been one of our fave staycation destinations – and this weekend getaway was no exception. For those looking for a little R&R, MGM Macau has a great summer lineup for those who love art, food, pampering and luxury. via Sassy Hong Kong

Hudson, New York: The Coolest Small Town in America

“No matter what, you need to get out of the city at least once a month,” my friends warned me. Of course I’ll get out of the city , I thought to myself. Then April came and to my great shock, I went a full month without leaving New York. via mrchaddthomas

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  • La Crosse Tribune La Crosse Tribune

    Alice P. Clark: Vegan recipes: Educational and delicious

    La Crosse Tribune - 07/24/16

    As I have mentioned before, the commitment to a vegan lifestyle is not an easy one, but with more and more quality substitutes for meat, cheese and even things like mayonnaise, hopefully it becomes less of a challenge to find simple and delicious

  • The Guardian The Guardian

    Ice-cream taste test: truly scrumptious or a bit vanilla?

    The Guardian - 07/20/16

    In contrast, the new-wave “premium” and (no, really) “super-premium” manufacturers make dense ice-creams from whole milk, eggs, cream and exotic natural flavourings. It is this sector that continues to grow, at the expense of the old 2l family tubs of 

  • Grand Forks Herald Grand Forks Herald

    CHEF JESS: Nutty for coconut ice cream

    Grand Forks Herald - 07/20/16

    Note: If you use a liquid sugar in your base and don't have any cocoa powder or other things to dissolve, there is no need to heat the base. Just go ahead and whisk it together in a mixing bowl. 3. Make your ice cream. This is the best part

  • One Green Planet One Green Planet

    Believe the Dairy-Free Hype! 25 Vegan Ice Cream Recipes Anyone Can Make

    One Green Planet - 07/17/16

    Made with only five ingredients, this Salted Caramel Ice Cream is simple and easy. Just blend it up, freeze, and enjoy — no ice cream maker necessary. It has a rich and creamy coconut milk base that's swirled with salty date caramel. Enjoy a bowl of

  • Townsville Bulletin Townsville Bulletin

    Going raw | Townsville Bulletin

    Townsville Bulletin - 07/22/16

    If you suffer from food allergies, its likely youve had to make some tough decisions. Eat the delicious treat and be sick for the next few days, or skip it and live with 

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