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Only recently I learned Lambo started as a tractor manufactuer. They still make them and they're really cool looking and supposedly good. This morning 08/11/2015 I had the best crepes ever at IHOP. via blogadelphia

Crepe, our flight’s canceled

This could really upset some people, but I’ve never really liked crepes. I’ve always felt like they were pancakes’ skinnier, less tasty cousins. Even since moving to Switzerland, I’m perpetually disappointed by those paper-thin, plate-sized faux pancakes. via The Art of Yodeling

Week 41 - Causes of the American Revolution, Bones, American Girl

I know I have to be strong because I am the adult and the only one the kids have at home. But it is so draining. All of that makes my mind stray and not stay on task. Which makes studying hard for me. Yes studying for me. I took the leap and I am. via Krazy Kuehner Days

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    Iconic Raleigh IHOP closing

    WTVD-TV - 04/04/16

    The days are numbered for Raleigh's iconic IHOP restaurant on Hillsborough Street. "This place has been like a second home to me since I've been out here so long. I like it, but I'm "You kind of feel like a kid again coming to an old IHOP


    IHOP takes the cake with Cupcake Pancakes - 05/11/16

    With it's new Cupcake Pancakes, IHOP isn't just blurring the line between breakfast and dessert, IHOP is whiting it out, erasing, deleting and rebooting the whole pancake thing. And why not? After all, the root word here is "cake" - meaning, "Have we

  • Colorado Springs Gazette

    Klee: Discovery Canyon's Lauren Gale a track star on the rise

    Colorado Springs Gazette - 05/20/16

    Discovery Canyon's track and field coach, Adam Felkey, heard it through the grapevine like everyone else: The fluid mechanics Lauren Gale showed in gym class, the easy speed with which she ran, the competitive streak ideally balanced by personal


    SPECIAL TO THE RECORD | - 06/16/16

    Several months ago as I was eating a late lunch in Amsterdam, I pondered my choice of meal. I had just been served a savory pannenkoeken, a single, large pancake that filled the entire plate. It was covered with endive, ham, Camembert cheese and 

  • Riverfront Times (blog) Riverfront Times (blog)

    Giant Donald Trump Pinata Once Again Bashed to Pieces on Cherokee Street

    Riverfront Times (blog) - 05/09/16

    I think I'll make a HELLary pantsuit pinata. It will hold thousands of Republicunts have cornered the market on hate for well over 30 years, the biggest difference is that they whine like little bitches when it's thrown back at them. Fuck trump and

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