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  • The Straits Times The Straits Times

    Three provision shops which have evolved with the times

    The Straits Times - 07/23/16

    "I'm still healthy and I still want to work, otherwise I'll feel bored." The next new product Shelves are lined with canned goods such as tins of ghee and Milo, while packets of snacks hang overhead from metal hooks fixed on wooden beams. In the

  • The Indian Express The Indian Express

    As Kabali fever grips Tamil Nadu, everyone is making a killing

    The Indian Express - 07/19/16

    As the catchy signature song “Neruppu (fire) Daa” of the superstar's latest flick Kabali becomes a rage amongst fans, gossip and juicy discussions are making the rounds. Will this movie be similar to Rajinikanth's much acclaimed blockbuster Basha? Will

  • Hindu Business Line Hindu Business Line

    Balancing a corporate job and an autorickshaw

    Hindu Business Line - 07/21/16

    When he gets back from work in the afternoon, Shashikumar has a light snack, puts on a pullover and hops into his autorickshaw to begin the second part of his daily routine. From 5.30 till 9 pm, he ferries Besides his native Tamil, Shashikumar

  • The Hindu The Hindu

    Go Green with Gifts

    The Hindu - 07/15/16

    Both offer an interesting medley of easy-to-give chic gifts that not only lend themselves to trend and style but more importantly are also all about being eco-conscious. While Ms.Gajaadhayalan Lakshmi, who set up the city's first exclusive organic


    Mumbai weekend cultural calendar: Protest gathering, film screenings and more - 07/22/16

    Hamdasti, an artist collective from Kolkata, has put together this exhibition of works that showcase art forms such as printmaking, publishing, bamboo craft and jewellery making for which the neighbourhood of Chitpur in that city is known. For more

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