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With 42,5-million views on Facebook, this little science experiment clearly fascinates young and old alike. Bearded Science Guy brings us another cool creation with his magnetic slime – fun and easy to make . via

Great Lakes Science Center gives Halloween a scientific spin (photos) -

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- At the Great Lakes Science Center this weekend, the tricks are scientific demonstrations, and the treats are hands-on participation. There are exploding pumpkin demonstrations, a million-volt Tesla Coil, a Mad Science Lab with a. via

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  • ScienceAlert

    Here's how to make super-cool magnetic slime in your own kitchen

    ScienceAlert - 04/04/16

    As Dave Hax - the YouTuber who showed us how to create a rocket out of a matchstick - explains, all you need to achieve hours of magnetic entertainment is some Elmer's craft glue (or another type of PVA glue), a bowl, Borax (sodium borate) powder, and 


    How To: Make Borax slime - 11/12/15

    Pour the Borax mixture into the glue mixture. Stir with a spoon. It's going to get stringy. Then mix it around with your hands for a couple of minutes. Pull the big ball of slime out of the bowl (some liquid will be left in there) and have fun! We play

  • Gizmodo Gizmodo

    How to Make Your Own Magnetic Slime Using White Glue and Iron Filings

    Gizmodo - 03/29/16

    The results work almost exactly as the putty you can buy in novelty shops, seemingly coming alive in the presence of a strong magnetic field. The only drawback is that your homemade magnetic slime won't store very well, as the iron filings will slowly

  • The News Journal The News Journal

    Making scientists from girl scouts

    The News Journal - 02/27/16

    Down the hall, a group of students in white lab coats, safety goggles and gloves mixed borax, a household cleaner, with glue and water to make goo and slime. "Now if you were an engineer, you'd have to figure out how we can make money with this," said 

  • TriValley Central TriValley Central

    Shark Tank comes to SCVUHS

    TriValley Central - 04/21/16

    Two students, Melisa Gandarilla and Lisania Sanchez, who are considered by Koenigsder to be two of the hardest-working students, came up with an airtight presentation for their product Slime and Ungrime. Their product is a reusable They made it

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