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  • Huffington Post Huffington Post

    Save Those Potato Peels And Make The Best Homemade Chips

    Huffington Post - 07/14/16

    Really good ones, too. That's right, you've basically been throwing perfectly good potato chips into the trash all these years. But you can change all that today, with this potato peel recipe. The recipe uses the scraps from two potatoes, but the more

  • Fox News Fox News

    5 fruits and vegetables ideas for healthy homemade chips

    Fox News - 07/26/16

    Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods among all the healthy greens. Per calorie, kale has more iron than beef, more calcium than milk and more Vitamin C than spinach! Each cup of kale also contains only 33 calories. Baked kale chips are easy to

  • Baltimore Magazine Baltimore Magazine

    Put these 25 crab houses on your (galvanized) bucket list.

    Baltimore Magazine - 07/25/16

    Standout Sides: A cup of seafood chowder or cream of crab soup, both of which boast rich—but not-too-creamy—broth with chunks of seafood, is a great way to start your crab feast. 2021 Liberty Road House Rules: If you're looking for the

  • St. Cloud Times St. Cloud Times

    It's simple: Stir up some fresh salsa this summer

    St. Cloud Times - 07/26/16

    Homemade salsa is easy, inexpensive and very quick to make. Most people think of salsa as a spicy sauce made with tomatoes, onions and peppers that we dip our tortilla chips in. But there's more fun It goes great with fish, chicken or pork. To make

  • Richmond magazine (blog) Richmond magazine (blog)

    The First 360 Days

    Richmond magazine (blog) - 07/25/16

    Visibility means support, he believes, so making as many of these appearances as possible is a high priority. The beeper on his belt shrieks an interruption. Kaine, like a gunslinger, reaches for the cell phone normally holstered on his hip, but in

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