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I had not spent much time thinking about ice cube trays until one weekend spent visiting my mother. Her freezer was full of Tovolo ice cube trays, in all different colors. This is a woman who likes drinking batched cosmopolitans out of a large plastic Thermos , so she needs her ice. via

This Coffee-Infused Popsicle Recipe Will Quickly Replace Your Usual Morning Joe - InStyle

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And while everyone knows that the frozen snack makes a great late afternoon pick-me-up, who knew it could also be a thoroughly satisfying grab-and-go breakfast option. If you're someone who needs little else than a strong cup of. via

Reader Exchange: Unique coffee recipes continue - La Crosse Tribune

I’m sure you will agree with me that the last one, the green tea and ice cream sandwich, is a truly unique offering. It calls for “turbinado sugar,” which the Food Lover’s Companion describes as “‘steam-cleaned’ raw sugar. ” Your guess is as good as mine as to what “steam cleaning” entails. via

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    This Ice Cube Tray Brings Me Deep Joy

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    A few things that make every move: my Tovolo ice cube trays. Unlike conventional plastic trays, which require that inelegant bending and snapping on the knee to hopefully pop the ice out of the tray, a move that, in the best circumstances, launches

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