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Health Canada is advising Canadians to avoid using borax to make kids’ arts and crafts, such as homemade “slime,” over concerns that too much exposure to boric acid can cause “ developmental and reproductive health effects ” in children and... Borax is a salt of boric acid, a naturally occurring mineral, and often sold as a “laundry booster. via

Health Canada advises Canadians to avoid homemade... -

Health Canada is advising Canadians to avoid using boric acid for arts and crafts projects, such as homemade slime, or modelling clay. Health Canada is also advising against making homemade pesticides with boric acid. via

A Little Glue, Some Iron Filings, and You Have DIY Magnetic Slime - Nerdist (satire) (blog)

Whether it was on Nickelodeon ‘s You Can’t Do That on Television , or Slimer getting Venkman in the first Ghostbusters , or the rest of the crew taking a swim in an actual river of slime in the sequel, it just seemed like the single most fun thing... via

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