Week 42: Exchanges, Sticky Note Miracle, and International Night!!!

So Sister Grant and I had a good talk about our missions and how we want to make everyday count and all that fun stuff. Sister Grant flipped out. hahahahah SO funny. We also went tracting and we were talking to a Sikh (said like seek) man and he put his hand up like he was going to slap Sister Grant. via Sister Shelby Peterson

Randy’s Recipes: Pistachios and Cool Whip (Mom’s)

Charity Begins At Home. Luckily, by the time of my arrival, she was practically a gourmet chef. One relative on my Father’s side had married three times, and had about ten children with each wife (or so. via News Notes 1

Filipino Comfort Food: Pinoy Emotions and the Dishes that Suit Them

The Love We Have for Filipino Comfort Food Fiestas are a time for Filipinos to come together and celebrate, and they always involve eating different foods. But even when it’s not fiesta time, Pinoys spend a lot of time wondering where to eat, and they often consider their feelings when it comes to food. via Out of Town Blog

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    10 Best Samosa Recipes

    NDTV - 06/27/16

    The entire process of making this parcel of delight is so captivating that you can't help but stare at it for minutes altogether. From the nearly-perfect flavourful masala without which the desi pastry would never make for its iconic status, the


    7 Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

    NDTV - 03/29/15

    With Gelato in Italy, Ice-Cream in America and Kulfi in India, the history of these frozen confections is obscure. Some say that Marco Polo introduced ice-cream to Italy. Certain biblical passages trace its origin to iced drinks that were enjoyed by

  • Times of India Times of India

    5 homemade ice cream recipes

    Times of India - 04/21/16

    Refreshing, delicious and quick ice creams are a perfect way to beat the heat. Try out these Kulfi is a popular Indian dessert, often served as an ice cream. Rich A delicious and easy to make ice cream made with pistachio nuts, eggs and cream

  • New York Times New York Times

    Travel|36 Hours in Hyderabad, India

    New York Times - 04/07/16

    Check the schedule online to see what's running; recent events have included cooking classes, a quiz night and a Hindi play. Photo. Holiday shopping At the adjacent Gallery Café, choose from ice cream waffles (150 rupees), a corn-and-spinach

  • Grub Street Grub Street

    After Blockbuster Success in Mumbai, Floyd Cardoz Returns to Indian Cooking in New York

    Grub Street - 03/09/16

    And Paowalla is being hailed by some watchers as Cardoz's big return to the kaleidoscopic flavors of his home country — even though he already had that return with his restaurant the Bombay Canteen, which he opened to great acclaim in Mumbai last year

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