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    Collards And Canoodling: How Helen Gurley Brown Promoted Premarital Cooking

    NPR - 07/26/16

    Helen Gurley Brown, the tiny, tough and influential editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, who transformed the staid family magazine and took circulation to giddy heights, did so by lubricating its pages with one word: sex. Make that extra-marital sex. Under

  • Columbia Daily Tribune

    Let your kids cook

    Columbia Daily Tribune - 07/26/16

    But to really release our kids' inner chef, we need to encourage them to make other foods they might enjoy eating, such as baked potato chips, sweet potato fries, scrambled eggs, blueberry pancakes, breaded chicken and creamy ranch dressing, all of

  • Huffington Post Australia Huffington Post Australia

    Foods That Can Cause Constipation (And How You Can Fix It)

    Huffington Post Australia - 07/26/16

    "Other low fibre foods include those made with refined ingredients like white flour and sugar, such as cakes, biscuits, pastries and other baked goods." A diet high in milk, cheese and red meat -- and a diet low in fruit and vegetables -- can also

  • The Schulenburg Sticker

    Footprints of Fayette

    The Schulenburg Sticker - 07/26/16

    When clothing made of flour and feed sacks with colorful designs was sewn on treadle sewing machines? When the first TV dinners with small pieces of fried chicken, pasty mashed potatoes and corn came on the market? When people ate clabbered


    Gluten Free Flours: Stock Up Your Pantry With These

    NDTV - 07/25/16

    I felt the same way many moons ago and today I don't know how to make things without my favourite brown rice, amaranth, sorghum, cornmeal and so many more options in my pantry. Yes My tip to all, is to use naturally gluten free grains and starches

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