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  • Bustle Bustle

    Learn How To Make DIY Liquid Glass — VIDEO

    Bustle - 01/29/16

    As a kid I always loved science, so it's no wonder that as an adult, I still love videos that show how to incorporate science into crafts projects — like this one by Karina Garcia, which shows viewers how to create DIY liquid glass. You may remember


    How To: Make Borax slime - 11/12/15

    Pour the Borax mixture into the glue mixture. Stir with a spoon. It's going to get stringy. Then mix it around with your hands for a couple of minutes. Pull the big ball of slime out of the bowl (some liquid will be left in there) and have fun! We play

  • Good4Utah Good4Utah

    3 Ways To Cure Your Child's Cabin Fever

    Good4Utah - 12/17/15

    In one bowl combine glue, 3/4 cup warm water, food coloring, and essential oil. Stir well to playing. In this recipe, you cannot omit the borax. If you are concerned about using borax, try. making this Essential Slime above which does not include

  • Times of India Times of India

    5 wacky science experiments to try with kids this summer

    Times of India - 02/27/16

    as the outcome can be anything from alien slime to lava, so the thrill factor is not just in the making but in the playing after too! This easy to make activity simply uses the art attack favourite: PVA glue, mixed with food colouring and borax

  • Belfast Live Belfast Live

    Homemade Valentine's Day gift ideas that won't cost you a fortune

    Belfast Live - 02/13/16

    So if you're creative and are looking to show your other half you care without breaking the bank, we're here to help. We've sourced just a few gift ideas that you can make from home, and they shouldn't cost the earth and we're sure your other half will

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