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  • Huffington Post Huffington Post

    A Tale Of Two Conventions: Hillary Versus The Man On Horseback

    Huffington Post - 07/26/16

    Usually these quadrennial talkfests are mounds of verbal tapioca, as riveting as a four-hour walking tour of your own living room. Their ostensible purpose is to unify the party and burnish the candidate, launching the campaign with a burst of

  • LA Daily News LA Daily News

    Sanders stands up for Clinton, but basks in the glow for a while first

    LA Daily News - 07/26/16

    And Sanders, who began his nascent campaign 14 months ago in the smallest of states with the biggest of goals, endorsed his rival, making a detailed, point-by-point argument for why a vote for Clinton was a vote to continue the “political revolution

  • The Crawfish Boxes The Crawfish Boxes

    2016 MLB Draft: Astros Draftee Introductions

    The Crawfish Boxes - 07/26/16

    Adcock had something of a “mixed” junior season with the Wolverines - he struck out 14.94 batters per nine innings and held opponents to a .190 batting average, but he also walked 8.62 batters per those same nine innings, and in the Cape Cod League

  • Business News Daily Business News Daily

    #Humblebragging? Don't Be Afraid to Share Your Successes

    Business News Daily - 07/25/16

    Bragging about your work success may sometimes come off as rude or arrogant, but when it's done right, celebrating your professional success can put you in a positive light. According to LinkedIn's latest @Work study, 86 percent of how you can do


    Embracing The Humanities: A Perspective From Physics

    NPR - 07/25/16

    According to geneticist-turned-writer Adam Rutherford, "the domain of knowledge amenable to science has only ever changed in one direction: at the expense of all others." Against this backdrop, it's natural to In a paper called "Why (study) the

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